Book Quotes

“Michael’s passion for invitation is infectious and something that Christians need to take seriously. It’s biblical, the first time was Andrew in John 1:41”
Revd Ian Bunce, Head of Mission, Baptist Union of Great Britain

“You have a great gift of inspiring people to ‘think welcome’ and to encourage them to do it.”
Rt Revd Dominic Walker, Bishop of Monmouth

“Inviting to church is so obviously necessary for caring Christian people, so strangely intimidating for most of us, but so helpfully encouraged and enabled by Michael Harvey through his ministry.”
Revd Stuart Smith Mission Convenor Glasgow Presbytery Church of Scotland

“You could spend time deciding what this book is not – it is not, for example, a comprehensive missiology for the post modern world, outlining in detail a profound understanding of the gracious call of the Triune God to discipleship. But this would miss the point. It is what it is; a simple book with a simple idea that could quite possibly be a Godly spark to transform lives. There are positive thinkers and positive thinkers, and then there’s Michael. He is engaging as a speaker, mixing charm, humour, boundless enthusiasm, with an uncanny ability to say profound things when you weren’t expecting it. But in this book it is clear that there is far more going on than simply a positive and persuasive speaker. The author knows that the Church will not be changed by simple or even complex human strategies. But he asks something different. We are asked, I believe, to invite others with the same ease and welcome with which we are invited; Divine simplicity conquering even the most sophisticated and well worn human resistances and arguements. Don’t just read the book, use it, and allow God to transform our simple offer into life changing moments.”
Revd Mark Wakelin, President Elect, Methodist Conference