The bridge to nowhere

In both the Old and New Testament we see God helping some of the heroes of the bible sift through things that are untrue and pull those things away to make room for something new. Moses believed he was slow of speech and tongue. For Moses this was a bridge to nowhere, it was his own interpretation of the situation of being in the wilderness. A condition of being a human being is that we get locked in a particular way of seeing something. What am I believing about myself, and compare this against what is actually true. Are we willing to see it differently or are we committed to seeing it the way we have always seen it? If we are committed to seeing things the way things have always been, there is no way out. But if there is a willingness to see things differently, but still not knowing what that newness might be, but just the willingness, then there is all types of possibility. What would I lose crossing that bridge? Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church