Reverse the Desire

The average person is afraid of pain. fear of course is painful and the desire of the average person is to avoid pain. But pain is relative, if you move a way from it, it gets bigger but the opposite is also true, move towards it and it diminishes. It is the avoidance of pain that has stopped my potential for my entire life. In invitation I have noticed that if I reverse the my natural desire to avoid fear and contact soemone who it would be scary to offer an invitation, I have noticed that I start to get more prompts and nudges in other areas of my life as well. All of a sudden my prompting from God goes from a bypass to a superhighway. I am convinced that our infinite potential is on the other side of fear. For God has other things for us to do and once we respond in one area, other possibilities start to emerge. The more I move towards pain the more alive I feel. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church

direction of fear