Fears in the prevailing paradigm

A paradigm is the way we think about something. In Christianity we have paradigms in how we think about mission and welcome etc. Every paradigm uncovers the problems it cannot solve thus setting the stage for the paradigm shift and this is what we can call ‘the paradigm paradox!’ The way to find the new paradigm is to ask the question. What are the problems not being solved? A person most likely to change your paradigm is someone who knows little or nothing about it. Insiders have everything to lose because there is huge peer pressure to stay with the current paradigm, they perceive dramatic change as a threat to their investment and they think they have everything to lose. Whereas outsiders have nothing to lose, they see with new eyes, they don’t know what can’t be done. And so for Christianity a question for newcomers 2 weeks into a new church what do you see that we could do better? You will be surprised how often they uncover a practice or behaviour that has no good reason for existing but is part of the prevailing paradigm. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church