The essence of trauma which is underneath the dysfunctional behaviour we see in society is separation from the self. Being disconnected from yourself begins with what is getting in the way of the connection. A question to ask is how does that disconnection show up in this present moment? The past is important only in so far as it illuminates what is happening in the present. In the Garden of Eden God asks Adam the following question Where are you? It is a strange question. This was not a request for location, God knows where Adam is. There are two words for ‘where’ in Hebrew Eiphoh v Ayeh. Eiphoh means location where as Ayeh which is the Hebrew word used in this context means where have you gone? Why aren’t you here anymore? It is a lament. Why aren’t you here with me? Where did you go? It is a separation between to God and humanity. As a mentor I know real compassion is not about making people feel good but about guiding them to the truth. I try and guide people to some painful places not in the past but in the present. But it is that separation from God that is ultimately causing the trauma. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.