Not Easy but worth it!

When we live in a Christian culture that tells us that this conference is going to change our life and that Jesus is going to make everything great, expectations are set so high that they can be dashed. I wonder have we read the book lately especially the Acts of the Apostles – there is conflict! We get this ‘easy’ Christianity message from consumerism, which goes a little like this;

you are are not happy but you can be happy if you give me £20 to buy this product

Christianity has translated this message into the language of commercialisation

there’s a hole in your heart that you have tried to fill with sex drugs and rock and roll but only Jesus can fill this hole

So what’s the pitch? – if you invest faith you will get fulfilment. In this pitch Jesus is now a product which of course is not a biblical idea at all. Can you imagine if the Apostle Paul commercialised the product of Jesus as to what it might say

I was blinded for a few days lost all my friends bitten by snakes imprisoned frequently – conversion to Christianity may cause blindness always read the label!

But it was Paul who later on said I glory in suffering but suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character and character hope. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

Not Easy