Facing the unknown

Most people describe faith as certainty, but I would call it the courage to live with uncertainty. The Pharaoh who Moses tackled does not believe in God and God sends plague after plague sign after sign and he still does not believe in God, but what does God do? God strengthens his free will so he could doubt God’s existence the biblical phrase is a a ‘hardened heart.’ So if you are looking for a life without doubt, without risk and without uncertainty stop living because you cannot really live without taking risks. God took a massive risk when he created humanity, that risk did not play out terribly well because by Genesis 6 God regrets that he created man in the first place and that it grieved him. The whole of life is facing the unknown we can never know what tomorrow will bring, we face an unknown and an unknowable future, every course of action every commitment has its underside of doubt, faith is to acknowledge the doubt but to nevertheless to take a risk and know that God is with you. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.