Who am I below the fear?

New Science is showing us that we tend to disconnect from who we are in order to survive. My story is that my mum was not attentive as she could be when I was a baby, she wasn’t attuned and responsive due to the circumstances in her own personal life. Sometimes trauma is in good things not happening. In the context of those early relationships we develop who we are or who we think we are. We develop a set of beliefs about ourselves that run our lives. And that’s why the question ‘who do we think we are?’ takes us back to our actual reality. If you ask me in a good moment who do you think you are, I will tell you that I am businessman, author, coach, entrepreneur, husband, father. But a minute later I think I am someone else entirely. The traumatised person thinks they are undermined, diminished, exposed, there is the voice in our head that is saying things about us. We are not that voice. My desire is helping people like me to unlock from the old belief systems developed perhaps as early as in the uterus, or even before.
There is a us that isn’t the same as the trauma, the multi-generational pain that we are carrying. The essence of trauma is that we go back to a time when we were overwhelmed by something and couldn’t handle it and it keeps showing up in the present. So that it affects us in the present and in the future. Jesus dealt with Simon Peter’s traumatic experience of denying him and I think Jesus is someone to whom we can go. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.