The stabiliser

When a child is learning to ride a bike for the first time often a mum or dad will keep that child stabilised until they learn to find balance themselves. For parents this is a white knuckle introduction to mobile independence. It’s a rite of passage thing, exciting and terrifying at the same time. Learning to ride is a leap into the unknown. Children tend to learn best by trial and error rather than formal instruction. I have been told that the actual technique of cycling is to use small body weight shifts and micro-movements of the handlebars to lean ever so slightly into and out of micro-turns. Like walking, it’s a collection of continuous small falls counterbalanced by continuous controlled recoveries. Try explaining that to a five year old! In the same way in mission we need someone who has been before to help us through the difficulty of trying something for the first time. The disciples needed Jesus, and Paul needed Barnabas. Invite someone in your church to invite a friend to take a closer look at Christ and his church and provide that much needed support through the process.

Father teaching his son to ride a bike