Professor Paul Davies Author of the Mind of God one of the leading Scientists in the world today says ‘The universe appears to be about something you can’t be a scientist unless you suppose there is a coherent scheme of things, science is predicated on this act of faith. Science is an exercise in uncovering what is going on’. Davies is echoing the Psalm 111, ‘Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them’. Davies follows in a long line of great Scientists of faith.¬†One of the key figures of science in the 17th century Johannes Kepler may have had Psalm 111 in mind when he wrote his now famous prayer, which came at the end of one of his scientific works:

If I have been enticed into brashness by the wonderful beauty of your works, or if I have loved my own glory among men, while advancing in work destined for your glory, gently and mercifully pardon me; and finally, deign graciously to cause that these demonstrations may lead to your glory and to the salvation of souls, and nowhere be an obstacle to that. Amen.

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