The Virtuous life

What makes a genius. it appears that isn’t just the knowing of of a lot of things. For example Science is telling us that it takes ten thousand hours of deep practice before you naturally can hit a tennis ball that will get you to Wimbledon. It is not just knowing the rules of tennis but deep practice. Training and the opportunity to practice is a speciality of Christian discipleship. We Christians train children and adults the narratives, the rituals, the prayers, the mindset and the habits of virtue that will then lead them to do the right thing. This leads to instinctive behaviour about which they do not have to think, it just comes automatically. It is not just knowing about Christianity but knowing Christ that makes the difference. The virtuous life can be developed by the renewing of our minds, but it does take a life of deep practice, and I am still practicing! Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

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