There is a skill of saying no without saying no. I’ll think about it, or we’ll see often mean no, on top of that I automatically say no. I react no-tomatically. No seems to be a safer place than a yes. The real danger is that we miss out some of the good things in life. We can be terrified of opening ourselves up to a disappointment. In thinking of inviting our friends to take a closer look at Christ we live in fear of disappointment. We don’t want to give in to hope it is too good to be true for we fear they will say no, and it will damage the relationship with our friends. But for the Christ follower we don’t need to fear the future. For Jesus is trustworthy. As the Apostle Paul says Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed. God is calling us out of our negativity. Say yes to hope and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.