The Portfolio Approach

‘Because last time someone said no,’ is a statement made as to why we won’t invite again. In mission we suffer losses as well as gains, but it is the losses that remain in the memory and stop us trying again. Loss aversion fear of loss is seen as threat from the brain’s perspective. But loss is part of being human. One way to face loss is like a stock trader. Traders accept loss as part of the game, they have a portfolio approach. It is the overall portfolio of outcomes that matter most, which will include wins and losses. The stock trader is less inclined to dwell on individual losses because they are small parts of a much bigger picture. Not everyone who Jesus met individually or in the crowds followed Jesus. But in the end he gained eleven who went on to turn the world upside down. God must have this perspective as well. God suffers losses as God invites and gets rejected but rejoices when one sinner repents. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church and look always for the bigger picture.