Risk Living

Jean Vanier (who founded L’Arche) on winning the Templeton Prize in 2015 talked about fear. He said that our deepest fears colour our lives and prevent us from living. It is my experience from the seminars that I conduct that many of us are just completely unaware of our fears. We have become used to them. We have to become conscious that we have fears, we may discover that a fear comes from way back, things that happened in our childhood. Vanier said ‘we have to struggle in this domain in order to risk living.’ Jesus helps us with our fears, by reminding us of his presence. Let the presence of Jesus colour our lives instead of our fears. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

L’Arche is an international faith community founded by Jean Vanier in France in 1964 where people with and without learning disabilities share their lives together

take risk