In a survey conducted with over 1000 mature Christians in the UK perfectionism came out as one of the top reasons we don’t invite our friends. They said our churches are too embarrassing, too old fashioned, too modern, etc. We know about the flaws of humanity but that does not stop us comparing ourselves with an imagined ideal of perfection. ¬†An enormous portion of the media and entertainment industry is devoted to fostering this comparison and selling products to bridge the chasm between our flawed selves and the perfect you. The number of systems to become the perfect you, are legion, you only have to stroll through a bookstore to find the section. We need to come to terms with our shortcomings that means it might be embarrassing, or it might not, our friend might think we are old-fashioned or they might not. There was only one person who was perfect and that was not any of us. Invite someone to take a look at the perfect Christ and his imperfect church.
no one is perfect