Movement and fear

The man at the pool of Bethseda had been there for 38 years when Jesus came along. The man’s greatest fear was that he wasn’t going to get well, and no one was
going to help him. When Jesus found him he asked him a question, ‘do you want to get well?’ The man wanted to give him a number of answers, ‘well there is no one here to help me’ ‘I need help'( incidentally that is learned helplessness.) I love it that Jesus never commented on it. He just simply said arise, take up your bed and walk. If you are going to confront fear, you need to do something about it, movement is part of dealing with fear, staying in the same place doing the same things and thinking that will change things will only compound the fear. Face your fear of inviting today and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.