Healing through the call

Jesus said ‘I have come to heal the broken-hearted.’ The word broken actually means a ‘shattered’ heart. Some of us have had our hearts shattered into many pieces. So how does Jesus heal today. When God calls us into mission, at times a reason comes to the surface as to why we would prefer not to answer the call of God to mission. Below that reason is often a broken heart. I would suggest that we would allow Jesus to come into that place and pray this simple prayer ‘Jesus would you reveal an event that contributed to my pain of rejection.’ Let the memory come to the surface. Secondly share with Jesus, the betrayal, the fears, and the complaint. (In school my friends reminded me daily that I had a different skin colour than them and the pain of public humiliation had been buried within me, until I started this three point process). Thirdly invite Jesus to come and let us see that he was there and wept with us and let us see the incident from his perspective. This is where the real healing takes place. Invite Jesus to heal our broken hearts and then invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.