Go tell that fox

“Go tell that fox.” These are Jesus’ dangerous words to Herod the ruler of the territory in which he was ministering. Go tell that fox, I’m working on my schedule not his. Go tell that fox there’s no chance I’m going to restructure my life out of fear of him. Go tell that fox I’m taking no detours in my plans because of him. Go tell that fox (& I’m still paraphrasing) I’m fully aware of what awaits me in Jerusalem, after all isn’t that the city where all the prophets have been slain? Go tell that fox there are some things I MUST DO before my earthly ministry is complete.  Go tell that fox (in essence) that I’m not naïve of the dangers I face. I can read the future, but he can’t, & I can say with total authority when I’ll be in Jerusalem. Does it not make you proud to follow Jesus? How dangerous do you want to be? We think Jesus will lead us to a life of ease What one thing for Jesus this week that would require you to overcome significant fear. Maybe it is about talking about Jesus, maybe it is about inviting someone. He is calling people to be dangerous for him. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.