Washing their nets

The bible records men on a seashore washing their nets, a normal sight as fishing was a primary industry. But on closer scrutiny there is a disturbing detail, there were no fish in the boat and it was morning and they had caught nothing and they were washing their nets. Why would these men wash their nets that had not be filled? These men had given up, they had quit trying. Jesus was recruiting potential disciples and he is talking to some losers. He was picking just 12 men and these fishermen are washing their nets, they have decided nothing else is going to happen convinced that things were not getting any better, it is the spirit of failure, we are taught not to fail, we are taught to win. They are having failure in a place where they used to have success. They toiled all night, they tried, but they caught nothing. Jesus told them to launch the boat and drop their nets. Despite the previous failure Simon Peter said Nevertheless we will try again but instead of dropping the nets he dropped one net. They took in a whole lot of fish. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ (who deals with failure) and his church