True Fear

Gavin de Becker is the author of the book Gift of Fear, in it he says we have been given several incredible gifts, one being intuition. Intuition is knowing something without knowing why. We already have the resource within us for guarding ourselves from danger, when we intuitively feel afraid  True fear is a brief signal in the presence of danger. True fear takes over the body and either stops or speeds time. Time is forgotten and life is divided into milliseconds. The heart rate jumps and can go to 200 sending blood to the muscles. Lactic acid is sent to the muscles to pump them up and harden them for physical resistance almost like armour. In addition adrenaline is sent as well as cortisol which causes the blood to clot in the event we are cut. In a sense fear directly equals courage. Unwarranted fear will always be something in your imagination or your memory but true fear will be something to do with your environment or in your situation. Moses received a brief signal at the Burning Bush. The Ten of the Twelve Spies had unwarranted fear as they were using their imagination. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ (who created your gifted body) and his church.