Trauma Training

Alan Redpath the former Pastor of Moodie Bible Church in Chicago said “when God has an impossible task he takes an impossible person and crushes them” We don’t want to believe this truth and we run from crushing. God’s desire is to remove all crutches but himself. David graduated from the school of brokenness but look at the journey.

18 v 8 Saul became angry the saying displeased him (ten thousand v thousands)
V10 He raved whilst played harp
V11 Saul hurls spear
v12 Saul was afraid
V13 removed from presence
v15 he dreaded him
v21 daughter given as a snare hoped
v22 secretly plotting
v25 fall by Philistine
v29 Saul was David’s enemy continually
Chapter 19
v1 told son to put David to death
v9 another spear
v10 tried to pin David to wall
v12 messengers to David’s house to put him to death
20 v3 there is hardly a step between me and death
This is the king elect, he has been anointed by Samuel, he is living in a cave, but Saul is the tool being used by God so he can be a king, so he will not be a Saul replacing Saul. It is often the unbroken ruler who God sovereignly picks to mete out the pain. What do you do when someone throws a spear at you? What do you do if someone insults you? What do you do when someone disregards you? What do you do if someone rejects you? If God is to use you mightily there will be Saul’s in your life, and caves but there will be psalms that come from the trauma, psalms of lament and brokenness that will help others. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

Broken things