Thrilling Reality

Fear is a major topic in the bible, every hero of faith had to deal with fear in order to reach their destiny. Answering the call of fear has been part of the human condition since the garden of Eden. How has society sought to meet our fear? One of the most recent additions to our need to face fear is virtual reality. Virtual Reality or gaming is anxiety as entertainment, when players put themselves in virtual danger. The constant threat round every corner and the odds the player has to overcome, it is classic predator and the prey. Casinos and betting shops also help people feel fear and excitement by helping people gamble. We have seen the rise of extreme sports, where competitors test their fears to the limits. Roller coasters promote the most extreme fear responses for thrill seekers. Researchers believe the experience of a roller coaster seems to put worries and anxieties in perspective, after you have been scared and faced it, life’s little hassles seem a lot less important. They have also found that it also has a social bonding effect, if you experience great danger with another person you come out feeling more closely attached to them. The nanny society tries to stop people taking risks, there was always a frontier ready to explore in previous generations. Fears should entice us, but have they become mental shutters that stop us achieving our potential? Fear appears to consist of a call to who we are meant to be. The bible insists that we can fulfill our own destiny if we learn about our fears in real life. Certainly God says don’t be afraid for I am with you. So we can all find the thrill of facing our fear not just in virtual reality, but in the reality of our lives and find the thrill of hope with the knowledge that God is with us, so there is no need to be afraid. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.