Rejection Training

As Jesus sends the seventy two disciples to invite people to talk about the Kingdom of God the gospel of Matthew chapter ten records Jesus saying “I am sending you as sheep to wolves.” He gives four pieces of advice to the disciples. Number one be cautious of your connections Find a worthy house – some homes and some people are unworthy of your presence. Number Two – learn to brush off the bitterness. Rejection can bring a sense of offence we can say to ourselves, how can you not want me? What’s your problem? Don’t get into bitterness, wipe the dust from your feet! Number three Know when it is time to leave the conversation. Closed doors can sometimes keep you from trying again, when folk don’t want your invitation it can hold you hostage to that place for the rest of your life. Leave! Number 4 Perceive another possibility. In verse v6 the disciples departed and went through the town(s) plural, in rejection we should think that there must be another town (other people) that the LORD has me ordained to walk in. When you are rejected we ask the wrong question why? when you should be asking, what’s next for me? Could it have be that the rejection was the sovereign will of God? We could be rejected to be redirected. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

rejection a step on the path