Melancholia or Mourning

Sigmund Freud postulated that mourning and melancholia are similar but different responses to loss. In mourning, a person deals with the grief of losing a specific love object, and this process takes place in the conscious mind. In melancholia, a person grieves for a loss he/she is unable to fully comprehend or identify, and thus this process takes place in the unconscious mind. Mourning is considered a healthy and natural process of grieving a loss, while melancholia is considered pathological. There are Christians who get a no when inviting someone in a missional activity and come out the other end. They may mourn the outcome, using lamentation, but come out the other side. There is a subset of people who never do it again Melancholia or mourning appears to be the choice we can take. The melancholic Christian can’t put negative feelings in the background. When we mourn and lament we can taste the tears of God. If you have never got over the last time someone said no, use lamentation to mourn your way through it.