A gift that worries

The story of Joseph is one of him being engaged to Mary and then there is a unplanned pregnancy. When God gives a gift it often worries us before it blesses us. God’s gifts are often wrapped in problems. Joseph has three distinct fears. Fear of perception what will people think? He thought about putting Mary away quietly. God sent a dream to reassure him. Fear for provisions. Can I afford this gift? Do I have what it takes to maintain the gift. God had the provision covered for Joseph. Fear for providence if I go with this situation will  God be with me? God was with Joseph. God does not wait for people to reject you, God had a manger in place. Don’t be afraid of the gifts God gives, they may scare you at the beginning, but regardless of the wrapping that fear will turn to joy. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

unplanned pregnancy