Spiritual Formation through Fear

What part has fear to play in the process of formation. Fear is the most frequently mentioned resurrection response (6 times in the four gospel resurrection stories). When afraid we are suddenly caught off guard and don’t know what to do. When we are afraid our presumptions and assumptions no longer count for what we are up against. Fear is frequently used in scripture and means far more than being scared, it includes disorientation a realisation that there is far more than we have any idea of. There are 3 Fear Nots of assurance and 3 references to fear as wonder. Fear Not does not stop the fear but translates it into awe. Wonder evoking words Amazed trembling astonishment perplexed frightened wonder.  I would suggest on that first resurrection morning, God was forming the disciples for the next chapter of their lives. Spiritual Formation operates in a resurrection atmosphere where we must cultivate awe reverence or miss what is going on. Invite someone to take closer look at Christ who says Fear Not and his church.

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