God’s answer for Joshua’s fear

There are apparently 200 characters in the bible of whom it was said they were afraid. It is especially so when we get to the call narratives. This is when someone is hearing a call from God to perform a task. For example there was the transition between Joshua and Moses. Moses was one of the greatest leaders ever. He was the giver of the law, the emancipator of the people from Egypt after 400 years. He spoke face to face with his maker. We might say Moses and God were well tight! Joshua was no asked to take the lead in taking the Children of Israel into the Promised Land when the people had no military experience against Canaanite iron chariots. I am greatful to Pastor David Jeremiah for the following ways to tackle fear. God deals with Joshua’s fear firstly with divine perspective Joshua 1:5 as I was with Moses so I am with you. If God is with you, you are off to a good start! Secondly in Joshua 1:2-3 God says every place you place your sole will be yours. God is giving him focus or divine purpose. When you have focus, it is amazing what this does to your fear. Thirdly we have a divine pep talk.┬áBe strong and be of good courage Fourthly we have divine priority meditate, observe to do, follow the law exclusively. Finally we have divine presence I will not leave you or forsake you, for The Lord you God is with you wherever you go. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church,

God's answer