The Strategy of God at Jericho

Can you imagine what Joshua’s army generals said when he told them that the strategy for taking Jericho was that they were going to walk around the walls. “We are going to do what?!!!” Joshua went on to share the other strategic plans of God. I am grateful to Pastor David Jeremiah for the following headings. There was the principle of silence. They had to march silently. Silence is loud, the longer it goes the louder it is, they also had no chance to share their anxieties with each other as they marched around. Secondly the principle of submission. Joshua meets the captain of the Lord’s army and realises that there is a chain of command. Have I submitted to God’s will before I know what it is? Thirdly there is the principle of spirituality. The arc of covenant was right in the middle of the parade. The presence of the almighty is central What impossibility are you facing today? Silence, Submission and Spirituality are Godly principles that have helped many people over the years when facing fear. What strategy has God for those in your life with large walls of resistance towards their Creator. Ask God for a strategy and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

God strategy