Divine Invitations

What we call interruptions God calls invitations. I am sat in the barbers chair when the barber starts asking me what I do for work. The barbers is full of other men waiting for their hair to be cut, and I have to answer. Sometimes God is like that, an opportunity pops up when you are doing something else. Jonah was invited to Ninevah, when he preferred to be elsewhere. Moses was interrupted and invited back to Egypt. Saul is interrupted on the road Damascus and invited to become the Apostle Paul. These divine interruptions are an invitation to something way better. Mary a lowly hand maid is interrupted to go to a higher calling. The outcome of the calling is God’s responsibility the obedience part is ours. Can we say like Mary when God’s invitation comes I am the LORD’s servant. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

invitational God