Horribly embarrassing

So often one of the phrases used as to why we don’t invite is that it would be horribly embarrassing.  I remember recently looking at some old pictures of me in my teenage years. I was wearing flares and platform shoes. I can’t imagine me wearing them today it would be horribly embarrassing, not then of course because it was a socially sanctioned fad. We just don’t like to be seen by others in a way we think they might evaluate us negatively.  We need to be seen in a positive light by others. This becomes a major mission problem for the Christian when a society starts to not sanction mission, and deems it as if we are pushing our faith. So do we care more about what society thinks or what Christ says in the great commission. One idea to combat this, is to find a friend to become invitational with, if we are doing it with someone else it is a lot less terrifying. But in any case don’t be embarrassed or terrified and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church