Spiritual Screening

I have conducted over 700 focus groups where I explore the culture (the way we do things around here) and the present day mind of the church. I have become convinced that we need some Spiritual screening to understand how we might be transformed by the renewing of our mind.
Which of the following statements applies to you?

I should help everyone who needs it
I am inferior
God doesn’t love me
I am too bad to be loved
It is terrible when things go wrong
Self-discipline is hard to achieve
Strong people don’t ask for help
Anxiety is dangerous
My childhood will always affect me
I need to be sure in order to decide issues
I must look after no. 1
There is a perfect solution
Making a mistake is terrible
It is better not to tell people my problems
People will let me down
Knowing ‘why’ is essential to my peace of mind
I should never upset anyone
If I am criticised I must be a bad person
Other people are a threat to me
I deserve to be punished for my mistakes
I am wrong if a person is hurt by my words and actions
I will get nothing out of giving pleasure to others
Crying our loud is a sign of weakness and immaturity
If people cared for me they would know what I want
Emotions will only interfere with my ability to succeed
People are not to be trusted .
There are ways in which I am defective as a person
It is better to keep my thoughts to myself
People should trust me
People must love me if I am to feel good
People should be condemned when they do wrong
I must do everything ‘perfectly’ or I will not feel good
People ought to follow the advice I give
Possible is the same as probable
I ought to do better. . . I ought to do better
I can’t change what I think
Christians must never get upset
I must never show weakness
What’s the use? Giving up is the best policy
I must never tell people how I feel – they might dislike me
The more I please people the more they will like me
It is terrible if people don’t like me
I am unattractive
I have no talents
I will never be any good
I must get what I want in order to be happy
I can’t stand it if people don’t like me
I am stupid
I can’t do anything right
There I go again
From : In His Name – a training course for healing prayer teams, by Alison Morgan & John Woolmer, ReSource2008.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind and then invite someone else to be transformed so that they may take a closer look at Christ and his church