Defence Mechanisms

The healing of the human person is to find a fullness of being It is the opposite of the fear that brings stony and hardened hearts

We all began in weakness, in littleness, fragile, vulnerable without defence mechanisms. What happened in first 4 months often controls the rest of our lives. Some receive unconditional love. They are told, they are the most beautiful baby, precious, unique, beloved. Some of us are told the opposite,  and are abused physically, emotionally, sexually, verbally,

In little childhood it is the beginning of conditional love. Parents and Educators say, “behave as I want you to behave. They say I want you to be what I want you to be, with our values, with success.” They are choosing what the child will become, controlled to become what they want you to become

We have all been hurt, so we protect ourselves and create barriers. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ (who loved us so much that he died for us) and his church

defence mechanisms