The Power of Ten

The Ten spies who went to spy in Canaan had no faith that they could enter the land, and their contagious fear was spread throughout the Hebrews. Only Caleb and Joshua had faith that God, who had already done so many miracles, would deliver this land to them. The people were locked in a prison of their own doubts. It just took ten men, who were terrified despite having personally experienced the miracles and wonders of God from the Ten Plagues to prevent the entire nation from entering the Promised Land. While it only took ten people in this to change the world with their fears, we are taught earlier in the first book of the bible that ten people can also change the world for good. Had there been even ten righteous people, we are taught that Sodom would have been saved (Genesis 18:32). Ten people, have the potential to save or destroy, to lead us to the Promised Land or drive us into the desert. Just ten people. Assemble ten people in your church to have faith and become invitational. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

power of ten