Secret Weapon

It is not just a commandment, it is our secret weapon: Do not be afraid. In commanding to be not afraid, God does not say that there are no real dangers in life, no failures, no betrayals, no losses, no grief, no sin. what God is commanding us is something much more difficult, but much more enduring. God is telling us, commanding us to face and not fear these dangers. God is telling us not to be paralyzed by them. God cannot make the journey or each of its battles easy, but God can help us to nurture and teach, to hold and to lift up a level of courage that alone will help us complete the journey and win the battles. And what is the source of this courage? The source of the courage to not be afraid is God. The source of the courage to face each day is God. In God is hope; and hope gives us courage, and courage kills fear. Courage trumps fear. Courage is more powerful than fear because God is more powerful than death. Remember the secret weapon today and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.