The Power of Two

The story of Moses begins with Pharaoh instructs the Hebrew midwives to kill all the male Hebrew babies. Two ordinary women, said no.That took courage. Where did it come from? It says, “Because they feared God.” They had a fundamental conviction that while there was a Pharaoh, there was a God over Pharaoh, and while they must give account to the human authorities and powers, they must give account to one over all human authorities and powers. They feared God and they said no. What did these women have? They had courage. Where did that courage come from? It came from a conviction that there was a God to whom we give an account, a God that honors us when we obey, a God who means good for people. And so they acted rightly. I have one other suspicion. It’s not in the text. There were two midwives, and I think it’s possible that part of their courage came from the fact that when they sought to do their daily work, there was another one who stood alongside. Shiphrah had Puah. Puah had Shiphrah. And when they were threatened, they could say, “Well, at least when we go before Pharaoh, we’ll go together.”we need companions, companions of conviction and faith and courage, who can help us do what God calls us to do. Seek support in your church from another and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church

Power of two