Blindness of the Unaware

The bible challenges the blindness of the unaware: the blindness of those who will not see the hope and beauty of the future shining through the mundane veil that is their present reality. In Genesis for example we see the blindness of Jacob, who did not see his own father, was not blind when he stole the blessing intended for his brother, Esau. Jacob, who does not see the beauty and the depth in the soft eyes of his first wife, Leah.  Jacob, who, in spite of repeated divine visions and promises, does not see that God will always protect him. The older brothers of Joseph who are blind to the gift of their younger brother, choosing instead to see only the annoying, spoiled brat before them, recognizing not a hint of his future greatness. Become aware of the activity of God and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.