I need to take their fear

I was watching a television programme where someone who works as an operator in an emergency call centre taking 999 calls, described their work. When the call comes into the call centre the operator said there is no fear at their end of the line, there is nothing tense in their voice . The operator said I need to take the caller’s fear. They lend the person at the other end of the phone their faith that the situation will be handled well. This I believe is what happened with the boy David when he took the on the fear of Saul’s army. He came with nothing but his faith in God. He had never beat a giant before, but he had practiced by tackling a bear and a lion. In this emergency when fear was palpable he took the armies fear and replaced it with faith that God was with them. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church as your faith in God can help others with their fear.

replace your fear