Serving in Invitation

A friend of mine recalled a talk given forty years ago by a youth leader which helped to form him as a Christian. The talk was called “blessing by shrinkification”. A group of boys had been on a tour travelling each day by van. Each night they had to put up several tents. The first night was a disaster, nobody had any clue as to which way up the tents went! Then the talk. The youth leader spoke about servant leadership about helping one another. He talked of John the Baptist saying “I must decrease and he must increase” – a blessing by shrinkification. My friend decided to help the one person who knew how to put tents up and in serving he was transformed. Jesus comes to dwell within us, and this is a major increase. He begins to conform us to His own image through the indwelling Life. If we are growing up into Him then He is increasing daily. By serving through obedient invitation we also are transformed. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church