Scattering seeds of Invitation

‘We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land.’ The opening of the Harvest hymn is an appropriate hymn for the Inviter. Becoming an inviter for Christ is to scatter seeds of hope. As the disciples were sent out to spread the good news of God’s love – so are we…… Gulp! However, fear not, for the fields are prepared and there is a chance for us to scatter good seed on the land. (see Luke 10:1-11) But what if they say no and reject the invite? The second line of the hymn gives the answer. ‘But it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.’ We invite, but God nourishes and encourages, the invitee chooses. We have planted the seed by the invitation “Would you like to come to church with me” – as simple as that! Harvest-time proves to be an interesting season to say the least. Only one question remains: Who do you intend to invite?