Gutsy invitations

Each time I think about inviting I approach a threshold. It’s a threshold of fear. It means I need to contact someone. Someone probably very busy and possibly not interested. And crossing that threshold means contacting and asking them.It’s a very real, very scary threshold. I think things like this: What if they say no? What if it damages the relationship? Those are the real questions I ask myself. And as I ask myself those questions, I shift that item further down my to do list. I do anything and everything to avoid crossing the threshold of fear. Until I get gutsy and ask. I’ll deal with the consequences later. And as soon as I step one foot across the threshold, the fear goes away. I wait for rejection or acceptance. But the hard part is done. That is, until it’s time to ask next. The threshold of fear is always there. It never goes away. Until I take the step of boldness and temporarily vanquish it. But I will keep vanquishing it. I’ll keep crossing that threshold. And you must do the same. Get over that fear. Just act. Don’t let the threshold of fear keep you from making your vision happen. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church.