Is Invitation to church taboo?

In the baby boomer generation we have been brought up to not talk about “religion”. It has almost become a taboo subject. How do you broach a taboo subject? Well, what is a taboo? A “taboo” is a strong cultural ban against some human activity. When something is taboo, it’s forbidden. A couple of steps which might sound contradictory might help . When thinking about invitation don’t ruminate about worst-case scenarios. It’s tempting to imagine every possible way a conversation could go – each worse than the last. But this usually isn’t helpful. The second step think about the following question,  “What’s the very worst that could happen?” Someone could tell you “No,” or laugh in your face, or cry, or yell, or  talk about you behind your back. Are these outcomes really so dreadful? Often, bluntly considering the worst-case scenario is actually reassuring. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church.