Multiple Invitation leads to solitude with God

Ministry would be great if it wasn’t for the people. How often have I felt that after a Seminar when somebody has complained about what I have said. But I have often learnt best through complaints. This is not unusual. At the Red Sea the children of Israel  complained to Moses. Moses was inviting the children of Israel to have faith in God. Moses had one ear to the people and then after the complaints cried out to God. He used a  pattern of solitude with God in a rhythmic way. He experienced something with the children of Israel and went straight to God, to stand in God’s presence on behalf of the people. In invitation, can we stay in God’s presence on behalf of the people? I wonder as serial inviters whether solitude with God can become our ultimate orientating reality. We hear a rejection, we go to God, we hear a harsh word, we go to God, we see someone respond, we go to God. Moses eventually desired the go to God so much that God showed Moses His glory “There’s a place where you can stand before me in the cleft of the rock.” For the serial inviter the nearness of God is your greatest good. In the end Moses didn’t need the promised land anymore because God became the promised land. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church and then find solitude with God, invite someone tomorrow and find solitude with God.