Conflict in Invitation

I meet many conflict allergic church leaders, afraid to challenge the prevailing culture. I recognise them, because I recognise the same issues in my own walk with God. Many leaders hesitate to introduce anything that adds to the conflict level of their ministries. Fear and hesitation can result from financial concerns. Financial concerns represents one of the emasculating dynamics of a salaried church leader. They might lose their job, which means they might not be able to provide for their family. Fear arrests the leader’s heart. Vision  wastes away. The spirit weakens. Growth stops. The leader dies in place. Despite this an invitational leader brings conflict into a congregation, you can just watch the active sabotage in a congregation that will occur as the leader encourages going and making disciples. But I say face the fear of conflict and invite people in your congregation to invite their friends to take a closer look at Christ and his church and you will see that conflict leads to abundance both spiritually and eventually numerically.

Conflict avoidance