Invitation by flyer

One of the Mission favourites of the church is flyer evangelism. We decide to have an event and you can be sure that one of the first things on the agenda of organising the event will be the creation of a flyer or a poster. We convince ourselves that the flyer will put at least 100 people in the room. We put flyers in Post Office, in the Surgery, on the noticeboard in the local supermarket. There is no end to our ingenuity. When I ask churches who are used to flyer evangelism what about personally inviting friends, neighbours, and relatives. The general response can be “we are in the no friends club”, or you are not asking me to invite people I know are you (with a look of fear in their eyes)? The whole of our invitational strategy can be based on producing a flyer. What if Jesus had said to the two disciples instead of follow me, I have left some flyers with the Baptist?