Inviting or spectating?

We’re looking for fast answers, easy solutions to mission in the church today. We have been blinded to the principles of Christ that have always worked. They are right under our nose. Principles which teach us how to handle adversity, how to get rid of the bad habits we all pick up how to handle stress, how to motivate others. Instead most of us become spectators in the area of mission. We are merely watching on from the stand. We are acting as if we have 1000 years to live on earth. The first principle is to never treat time as if we have an unlimited supply. We are majoring in minor things. Starting tomorrow everyone you meet treat each one as if you knew that they would be dead at midnight. Using this principle we would start to treat each other with more care, more love, more respect. The second principle we have to learn is to live with failure. Experience is overrated if it stops you trying again. The person who does not fail does not try. The third principle is we can not do it alone, No man or woman is an island. All of us need help. Three little words I need help. So inviting or spectating?