Invitational Hide and Seek

I have found a church that immerses itself in work. It appears to be by far the best way it has found of diverting the mind from anything it doesn’t want to dwell on. This is why we have a  programme mentality which is like a merry-go-round, that never stops. We can hide out from God through work.  God calls us to  invite as He invites, but we work on good things rather than risk rejection through invitation. Jesus was sent by His Father to seek and save the lost. Whilst you can numb God’s invitation to mission with work,  you can’t selectively numb emotion. We are also numbing  feelings of love and joy.” The emotion we are numbing through the merry-go-round of programme after programme is the emotion of fear. We fear a lot more than we think we do. We fear the loss of status, the loss of face, to be diminished in the eyes of others. We fear a bruised ego, the most recoverable part of our entire body! Jesus is still seeking us out today. Jesus seeks to set us free from all our fears not just in the area of invitation but all other areas of our life. Let’s not hide anymore.