What Australian Border Control taught me about Invitation

Whenever I on a Seminar Tour and arrive in Australia I am normally asked by the Border Control Where are you coming from? How long have you been there? Where are you going to? Now those are three good questions. Firstly where are you coming from? We mustn’t live in the past but We can learn from the past. Wisdom is defined as evaluated experience. Some people defeat themselves because of the past. But others look at the past and take courage from it. So where are you coming from? And secondly how long have you been there? Some of us find comfort from our failures, our disappointments, our discouragements. We have been with them for such a long time. For others they learn lessons and move on. But the third question is also crucial Where are you going to? you will find motivation today if you can see possibility tomorrow. These are great questions for a church or a person wanting to become invitational Where are you coming from? Are you afraid of inviting? Or do you have courage to invite? How long have been there? When was the last time you invited someone? Where are you going to? Who is God calling you to invite?

Border Control