Invitation and the Sonic Boom

In Tom Wolfe’s book The Right Stuff, focusing on the famed test pilot Chuck Yeager. He recounted how Yeager made history by breaking the sound barrier in an experimental plane, the X1. Though other pilots soon repeated the feat, it is Yeager we remember because he also broke a psychological barrier. The celebrated aviator reported that as a plane approaches Mach 1 the rivets on the wings begin to vibrate, leading most pilots to slow down. Counterintuitively, Yeager accelerated “He set himself in the direction of risk not safety, and burst through the sound barrier. As a result he experienced the calm after the sonic boom. He overcame his anxieties, took a risk and achieved immortal greatness. Our real life barrier of fear of inviting is mental, psychological and spiritual and overcoming it is and adventure. Yeager took a calculated risk. Don’t back off at the first sign of shaky rivets. If we don’t take the chance, our lives are reduced to “could have”, “should have”,”would have.” I pray that you break through your own sonic boom and reach the calm of God given serenity through invitation