Invitation and the Domestique

For every big name in the 2012 Tour de France there are five or six others who are there to make them look good.
Welcome to the world of the domestique.

Cycling has a hierarchy and a class structure. At the top is your team leader and the Sky Team this year on the Tour de France had BradleyWiggins the eventual winner.At the bottom is the humble domestique – the leader’s minder, willing to sacrifice everything so that

“our guy” and the team pick up the points. Chris Froome who came second in the Tour was Bradley Wiggins super-domestique.
He served his leader so well he gave up his own ambtions to win the Tour.

A Domestique appears to us in today’s world (where hierarchies have been flattened) uncomfortable. But we have another
Domestique who set the example for us in the area of invitation For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

Who are you serving with an invitation?