Cheaper to get a gardener! God’s speaks in our mistakes

Always learn from your mistakes. As a speaker I have been happy to encourage people to make mistakes because to do things right often means doing things wrong the first time you do them. There’s mistakes and there is stupid mistakes. I was mowing the lawn with my electric flymo mower and managed to cut through the power cord. What embarrasment it was to take it the local garden equipment repair shop, to be greeted by the owner saying, “not you again Mr Harvey”! The reason for this is that I am a constant visitor. Currently in the garden shed are four mowers, only one working and one strimmer not working. Now my one working mower has its cord severed. Anyway they repair it, and I bring it home to finish the unmowed part of the lawn. I then go on holiday for a week. On my return the grass shamelessly has grown again and I reach for my mower. I mow half the lawn and hear the motor cut out, looking down I see the cord has been severed again! The shame of it. I can’t take it back to my normal repair shop, the cruel comments would be too much to bear, so I have had to find another garden repair shop! This all being said it would be cheaper to hire a gardener. Too err is human and God understands our mistakes but invites us to remember in them that still God loves us.